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Radiant Dyes Laser Accessories

Radiant Dyes (Germany) has 30 years of experience in Laser Dyes and Dye Laser development. It is the oldest existing manufacturer of tunable laser and laser accessories.

Dye laser "NarrowScan" has been developed further over the last years and is now the most advanced product of Radiant Dyes. Similarly Radiant Dyes kept the cw-ring and Titan-Sapphire lasers up to date. For more than 20 years, the company has also been offering excimer lasers.

Since 2009 the company is selling a tunable narrowband Diode Laser with interference-filter stabilization and external cavity, "NarrowDiode", which is now also available with amplifier.

A variety of laser accessories is offered as well: laser dyes, filters, dye cells, optics, dye circulators, cooling aggregates, thyratrons etc. for the company's laser systems and for old Lambda Physics, Coherent, Quantel, Quanta Ray lasers and much more.

Radiant Dyes gladly offers general overhauls of old laser systems (dye lasers and excimer lasers), as well as laser service and training.
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Privacy Policy